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    Xuemei under the epidemic situation

    作者:xuemei 點擊:1497 發布時間:2020-09-16

    In early spring, everything in Taizhou recovers and is full of vitality. Under the warm sun, Xuemei is full of energy. At the same time, we should pay attention to the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the development of production.

    "36.3 ℃, normal temperature. Please come in." At the gate of Xuemei company, you can enter the company only after registration and temperature measurement. The company's management said: "our company adheres to" two hands, two hands hard "in epidemic prevention and control and product production. On the basis of implementing the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control measures to people, we refined the propaganda of epidemic prevention knowledge for employees, took measures to reduce personnel gathering, and established daily staff temperature detection, production workshop and office disinfection system, so as to effectively protect the health of employees Kanghe's life is safe, and we will make every effort to build a safety barrier against epidemic

    Employees are worried about unemployment, and business owners are worried about poor operation. Everyone is involved in the epidemic storm. Xuemei has completed a comprehensive resumption of work on the basis of solid prevention and control of the epidemic situation, continues to maintain the stable operation of the company, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, let the enterprise do more social obligations, bring more jobs, and contribute to the economic development of Taizhou.

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