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    [technology sharing] Common ice melting methods

    作者:xuemei 點擊:1464 發布時間:2020-09-16

    The common ice melting methods are: water chiller priority supply, ice storage priority supply and limited demand.

    Water chiller priority supply: water chiller priority supply load system is: chiller and its downstream ice storage tank in series. The regulating valve on the chiller and ice storage tank is arranged at the designated position on the cooling glycol pipeline. Since the chiller is located in the upstream, refrigeration is carried out first. When the chiller can meet the load requirements, the ice storage tank is in the bypass, and only when the chiller can not meet the load, the ice can be replenished.

    The priority load supply of chillers is a simple ice melting way, which always needs to provide stable and reliable control. When the temperature of the reflux glycol is high, the power of the chiller is high. The ice bearing part of the load can be changed only by adjusting the temperature of the chiller.

    In this device, the ice melts only at peak load. It is not suitable for low peak. Ice making is more expensive than refrigeration if the electricity costs are the same during the day and at night, so ice storage is only used when there is a real need to reduce power demand, or when the power demand is insufficient.

    Ice priority supply load: ice priority supply load system is the ice storage tank and its downstream water chiller in series. The regulating valves on the chiller and ice storage tank are placed in the designated position on the cooling glycol pipe. Since the ice storage tank is located upstream, it bears the load first. When the ice storage can bear the load, the chiller stops working. Only when the cold storage capacity does not meet the load, the chiller can be supplemented.

    [technology sharing] Common ice melting methods

    Ice priority load can always provide stable and reliable control. When the ice bears part of the load, it can be adjusted by changing the position of the regulating valve. Because ice bears the load first, the consumption of ice is very large. Ice priority supply load is also suitable for low temperature air supply system, because the lower temperature glycol at the outlet is guaranteed by the chiller.

    Limited demand: the limited demand refers to limiting the power demand of chillers during the peak period of power grid. The limited demand system is to connect the chiller and ice storage tank in parallel, and the two cold sources, ice or chiller, can be upstream.

    The limited demand system has the advantages of the above two devices. As long as the design allows flexibility to place either of the two cold sources downstream. The automatic control system of the building regulates the load of the chiller. Precise control of chillers can greatly increase ice storage capacity and reduce power demand. By increasing the ice consumption in the daytime to * large, the system can obtain the maximum saving from the low peak power consumption. The control of limited demand system cannot be separated from the control of buildings.